Board of Directors

retreat 2017

Staff and board members at the annual retreat, pictured from left to right: John Joiner, Heather Medina Sauceda, Kristen Daly, Savannah Baber, Donele Pettit-Mieding, Matthew Fiorito, George Pugh, Aimee Addision, Rick Jones, Dee Swayze, Bessie Joyce, Collin McCandless, Matt Mellenthin, and Mark Running.

Board of Directors

Mark Running, ChairRetired Educator and Small Farm Manager, Courtney Creek Sub-Basin, Brownsville

Matt Mellenthin, Co-Chair, Natural Resources Manager, North Albany

Aimee Addison, TreasurerNon-Profit/Development Sector, Albany Public Schools Foundation

Dee Swayze, Secretary- Small Business Owner, Calapooia River, Brownsville

George Pugh- Grass Seed Producer, Halsey

Heather Medina Sauceda- Natural Resources Manager and Watershed Resident, Albany

Nathan Meehan- Private Timber Industry, Calapooia Headwaters

John Joiner- Recreation Enthusiast, Brush Creek-Calapooia Confluence, Crawfordsville

Rick Jones- Private Timber Industry, Middle Calapooia Basin

Jim Wagner, Electrical Engineer, Tangent

Jim Merzenich, Retired Forest Service, Brownsville