Brush Creek Sub-Basin Restoration

The Council and its partners- Linn County Road Department, BLM, private landowners, and private industry including Cascade Timber Consulting Inc., Rosboro Lumber and Melcher Lumber- have focused restoration and conservation activities in the high priority sub-basin, Brush Creek, over the last six years.  All high priority fish passage barriers have been restored as identified by the Council’s Fish Passage Assessment (OWEB, 2004), six miles of in-stream aquatic habitat has been enhanced with over 75 wood jam structures (400+ logs) on BLM, private resident and private timber industry land, and riparian buffer restoration and CREP enrollment has occurred at seven large private landowner properties along with pasture management improvements and exclusion fencing through the Regional Restoration Program.

2006 ODFW Fish Habitat Surveys-  BRUSH CREEK REPORT, CHILDERS CREEK REPORT (major Brush tributary)

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2013 – 2014 Calapooia Basin RBA Snorkel Survey Brief- Pre and Post Inventory Report