False Brome

False Brome, photo from the Institute of Applied Ecology

 Distinguishing Characteristics 

  • Hairy leaf margins and lower stems
  • Broad (4-10 mm) lax leaves,
  • Long-lasting bright green color (leaves often remain green through fall and at least part of winter)
  • Flower spikes droop noticeably.
  • Forms large clumps that tend to coalesce
  • Reproduces rapidly from seed

Resources on False Brome 

  • False Brome description from the false brome working group at the Institute for Applied Ecology.   
  • We have two recent Council presentation pertaining to false brome. The first false brome presentation is from the Council’s former Program Assistant, Taylor Bortz, who mapped  in GIS known and projected infestations in the headwaters areas.  
  • The second presentation is by Debbie Johnson, Institute for Applied Ecology, who is a local expert in false brome control.