What We Do

The Calapooia Watershed Council carries out its mission through strategic restoration of the Calapooia River and its tributaries, and also engages in outreach and education to engage community members and stakeholders in its activities and objectives.  Watershed-wide restoration is conducted in highest priority stream reaches and sub-basins.  The council conducts comprehensive watershed assessments to identify and prioritize specific restoration and conservation strategies for a holistic watershed planning approach.  These assessments are phenomenal tools for the Council members and Coordinator because they provide clear direction based on scientific method (i.e. ODFW habitat survey protocol, hydraulic modeling) and on the existing Willamette Basin priorities (OWEB, ODFW, Pacific Coast Joint Venture, The Nature Conservancy). The CWC also continues to take advantage of habitat restoration opportunities as they arise through our relationships with community and agency stakeholders in high priority sub-basins or mainstem reaches.

We have removed three fish passage barrier dams between 2007-2011, and we are completing permitting for small dam removal summer 2013 on Cox Creek in Albany, Oregon. We have submitted an application to place 350 logs in the form of habitat log jams in 5 miles of stream in Brush Creek sub-basin 2013, and were awarded funds for two stream miles of instream habitat placement in the mainstem Calapooia in Brownsville.  We are involved in 100+ acres of active invasive species control and native plantings in Albany, Courtney Creek, and mainstem Calapooia River in Brownsville. We have a youth watershed education program developed this year in partnership with the local rural community school district, Central Linn, and also have adult stewardship education planned for watershed residents in 2013.

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