In-Stream Habitat Restoration

Current In-Stream Projects


TurtleHabitatConstruction???????????????????????????????TurtleHabitatNestingTurtle Habitat on the Mainstem Calapooia– On the Calapooia upstream from Brownsville, Council staff and contractors place 15 logs for turtle basking, excavated pond margins to improve habitat, and used a local soil/gravel mix to create two nesting mounds within 100 feet of pond.  With the project just recently completed, we’re excited to hear that there have already been turtle sightings in the area by the neighbors of this property.  Crews are also working to remove noxious weeds from 24 acres surrounding the pond project and will re-plant with native trees and shrubs in January 2015.









Wood Placement to Benefit Fish, Amphibians, Beavers, and More!- Directly across the river from our turtle habitat project, we’ve been working on a side channel fish habitat enhancement effort which includes placement of 30 logs to make three separate structures to provide habitat for fish, amphibians, and beaver.  The log structures will also help collect leaves and sticks that serve as food for animals, provide refuge for fish during low water and warmer water temperatures in summer, and refuge from high flows in the winter.  The area surrounding this project will have noxious weeds removed and replanted with native shrubs and trees on a little over 15 acres.









River Snorkeling to Determine Fish Populations in Courtney Creek- On Courtney Creek, CWC hired Bio Surveys LLC to conduct a Rapid Bio Assessment on 5.5 miles of upper Courtney Creek to find out what trout species live there and get an idea of the total trout population. Data is be compiled right now and a summary of the findings will be sent out in the fall. Great news from the survey is that the snorkel crew found many large adult cutthroat holding in the deeper pools on Courtney Creek!  This snorkel effort was conducted in anticipation of fish habitat work (log placement) that the council will pursue during the summer of 2015.